How to get 100+ visits daily for Adsense approval?

Look dude. Getting 100+ visitor is super essential for adsense approval. If you want to get 145+ visitors per day then you literally need to put some efforts on it.

100 + visitors in your website in one of the requirements to apply for google adsense and get approval. Why would Google Adsense approve a website without values, and higher website traffic means more valuable content.

So, how to get 100 visitors per day for Adsense approval? Let’s learn it.

How to get 100 visitors per day in my website?

You may be thinking there’s a trick to get 100 visitors per day, and yes there is a trick for it.

First of all, I’ll explain you some nice source of getting traffic. After that we will be learning “How I got my first 1000 visitor in my blog of webmatrices

If you want to approve your site for Google Adsense super fast, then check Google Adsense approval trick for 2021

Using medium to drive traffic is really a good source to get traffic to your website. What you have to do is, just copy your articles link and paste it in medium. After that you just need to import the article in medium and do some tweaks on it.

I can bet you, if your article is good and has nice content on it, your website will get ranked in google and see the magic. You will be getting enough traffic to approve your site on Google Adsense.

Go to this medium link to import your content

Using medium to drive traffic
How to use medium to drive traffic

Note: Don’t forget to add your website link in the article on medium.

This won’t make your content duplicate content, rather it gives you canonical URLs. Canonical URLs helps to boost the SEO of the website super fast, and gradually your site will be approved by Google Adsense. See How canonical URL helps in SEO?

If you want to learn to drive traffic in your blog using the medium in a detailed way, then just comment below.

Promote blog on pinterest

Pinterest is really a good source of getting traffic. You just need to paste your articles link in there, give a very good title and description and post it, after that you will be enjoying your free 100 visitors per day (i am not kidding).

Also check, Pinterest marketing strategy 2021 (Crash course to get 1K visitors daily with Pinterest)

See, even we promote our blogs, article and discusions.

Promote my blog on pinterest
Promote my blog on pinterest

Use Webmatrices to drive traffic

It is super easy to promote your websites in Webmatrices Forum. You just earn 65 points in this forum and contact us there. After that, we will link your website to our most popular tool/app: Adsense Approval Checker.

And finally, my favorite and my own method

Using facebook groups to drive traffic

Why programmers hate light IDE?

This is the best method to drive traffic in your blog, but you really need to work hard on your content.

You content must be interesting, little controversial or funny. Write an article as I’ve said to you. Share that article in Facebook groups and damn you have 100+ visitors per day.

Here is an example of controversial and funny article I’ve written.

Remember: It must be controversial and funny, not full of hatred.


dekha apne laparwahi ka natija gif
You should see the consequences of your own mistake.

If you want to know, how to create a controversial article then just comment. I’ll post it on WebMatrices Blog.

43 thoughts on “How to get 100+ visits daily for Adsense approval?

  1. Very nice article. I posted a controversy in and I am getting 53 real time visits in my website. Thank you brother a lot.

  2. will this not lead to duplicate content on your blog? i mean importing to just confused and i need clarification. thanks

    1. Nope brother. It won’t cause you any duplicate content, because Importing it in medium with add a canocial url (learn about canonical URL) of your website in the article. If you want a explation please reply, I’ll make an article on how to use to drive traffic and backlinks in your website

  3. I got adsense approval after writing on controversial news and topics. Also, the guys in Webmatrices forum helped me to get adsense approval. Thank you so much brother.

  4. I’m really impressed after seeing your replies!
    This is my site bro !
    Kindly please help me to get AdSense approval!
    I will give you all the money which earning in first three months!
    That will more helpful for make you encourage! And you will give life to people like us!

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